talking tom and friends vs. instagram

season 2 around the corner!
shouts to greg manwaring, blautöne and arx anima

tatort #1020 «Wehrlos»

tatort wien orf
40. fall für kommisar moritz eisner

regie christopher schier
musik markus kienzl, sofa surfers
sound design bernhard zorzi
dialog klaus gartner
foley bernd dormayer
blautoene studios thomas kathriner

streamt es auf ARD, ORF, SRF

Theo Croker live in Rotterdam

rare live footage of brother THEO CROKER and his band live in Rotterdam 2016

platinum single "no escape from bliss"

meanwhile in vienna

happy new year everybody

latest news

for the 4th time in a row, doktor audio will contribute part of his work for the official competition of the film festival international d'aubagne, southern france, a festival focusing especially on sound design and score work.

directed by mareike müller
produced by adrian bidron

last screen date for 2016

Landkrimi Südtirol - ENDABRECHNUNG
ORF1, 22.12.2016
directed by umut dag
music by iva zabkar

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LIEBE MÖGLICHERWEISE Kinostart Österreich 4.12.
THE IVORY GAME on festivals throughout North America 

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ORF Landkrimi Südtirol "Endabrechnung" ORF1 22.12.
ORF Tatort Wien "Wehrlos" Ausstrahlung Februar 2017


doktor audio is proud to announce his collaboration

theo croker escape velocity
full album out on sony/okeh

Talking Tom & Friends will continue

…and they keep on coming. check out this noisy episode designed by yours truly. Fabulously directed by Greg Manwaring of Glendale, California.

Colin Hanks as Tom
Lisa Schwartz as Angela
James Adomian as Ben
Tom Kenny as Hank
Maria Bamford as Ginger

props to fearless blautoene audio team


UNMENSCH gewinnt Nachwuchspreis der Diagonale 2016

Die Diagonale mag uns - wie schön!
UNMENSCH, Kurzspielfilm von Jasmin Baumgartner, gewinnt den Preis für den besten Nachwuchsfilm in Graz.

Filmakademie Wien


doktor audio is at his utmost pride having been nominated for an Academy Award as re-recording mixer for Patrick Vollrath's ALLES WIRD GUT / EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY in the live-action-short category of the 88th Academy Awards.