HVOB - BLOOM - Fink Remix

acclaimed austrian music export HVOB has a new remix out. delighted to be mixing their first ever live action music video, fearlessly directed and produced by Nicola von Leffern and Jacob Carl Sauer. never compromising.

doktor audio loves kitzbühel


ANOTHER LIFE, bespoke feature debut of Jan Prazak, supported by Filmakademie Wien, was awarded best documentary at 7th Filmfestival Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria.

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doktor audio loves vienna shorts

GUY PROPOSES TO GIRL IN AUSTRIAN MOUNTAINS, live-action short film by Bernhard Wenger, is the winner of the youth jury award at 2019 vienna shorts festival!

shoutout to fellow sound team powerhorses Ken Rischard, Benedikt Palier, Florian Rabl & Ines Vorreiter. never change a winning team.

doktor audio loves munich

ANOTHER LIFE, theatrical debut feature documentary by Jan Prazak, receives honourable mention for this year's dokfest munich's student award.

Theo Croker Star People Nation

Third longplayer of Sir Theo Croker released May 17
NYC born, LA based trumpeter teams up again with doktor audio and Sony Music (and others), leaves stark message about political economy of music

Roland Schafek Reel is out

sound-designed and mixed this reel for my friend Roli
go check him out and book him so i can get more sound design gigs

ANOTHER LIFE at dokfest München

feature documentary ANOTHER LIFE is being shown at 2019 dokfest Munich as part of their student competition. don't miss this one.

shouts to Jan Prazak, Ken Rischard, Benedikt Palier, Jon Geirfinnson for most delicate sound mixing and design.

trailer music by doktor audio

ROYAL BLUE at Crossing Europe 2019

after 7 years, doktor audio and Dinko Draganovic return to Crossing Europe, home festival to the latter. happy to see Royalblau / Royal Blue featured in the Local Artists section of this year's edition.
shouts to Atanas Tcholakov on sound mixing. took me 17 years to finally get production sound from the master.


the merits of mixing

for an astonishing 2nd time in a row, doktor audio has mixed both live-action short award winners at annual Diagonale - festival of Austrian Film.

shouts to sound mixers and sound designers Ines Vorreiter, Bernhard Zorzi, Rudi Pototschnig and Philipp Mayer.

home for xmas

merry christmas everybody