ANOTHER LIFE by Jan Prazak

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jan prazak - angelika spangel - barbara seidler - shirin hooshmandi - bendikt palier - jon geirfinnson - ken rischard - doktor audio

Bato Nebo wins Austrian Award at Youki Kids Film Festival Wels, Austria

every award given by children counts double


luzia johow - directing

cristi iorga - sound

germaine haller - photography

kaspar panizza - editing

Mehrunisa @ Prishtina International Film Festival

Mehrunisa, a feature movie written and directed by Mr Sandeep Kumar, has won the Best Global Film Award at Prishtina International Film Festival, PriFest, just a few weeks ago.

music by iva zabkar

sound by herbert verdino

sound design by lisa-marie hollaus

co-sound design and final mix by doktor audio





iva zabkar - the album

it is with utmost honour and great esteem that i'm taking the liberty of presenting a heavenly piece of art and timeless selection of original music of my beloved iva, which i also had the privilege of contributing a few mouse clicks to on its way out to the world. 

iva zabkar album release

doktor audio is most honoured to perform sonic action on the debut album of post-classical piano artist and composer iva zabkar

video material filmed, compiled and rendered by our dear friend Roli

new single by Steven Merson

 doktor audio co-produced and mixed this release

remix hour

 doktor audio is available for remixing and the mixing/mastering thereof