iva zabkar - the album

it is with utmost honour and great esteem that i'm taking the liberty of presenting a heavenly piece of art and timeless selection of original music of my beloved iva, which i also had the privilege of contributing a few mouse clicks to on its way out to the world. 

iva zabkar album release

doktor audio is most honoured to perform sonic action on the debut album of post-classical piano artist and composer iva zabkar

video material filmed, compiled and rendered by our dear friend Roli

new single by Steven Merson

 doktor audio co-produced and mixed this release

remix hour

 doktor audio is available for remixing and the mixing/mastering thereof

doktor audio loves IFFR Rotterdam


honoured to announce this fine movie's participation in the 50th edition of Rotterdam Film Festival

you should watch it. made with poetry and care.

Laura Weissenberger, director

Sophie Wiegele, photographer

Marie Sturminger, sound recordist

doktor audio, sound designer 

doktor audio loves Musikvermittlung Wien-Penzing


shoot of "Beethovical"

dir: Alexandra Schöler-Haring - cam: Reinhard Mayr

photography by Julia Wesely


if you have a project that demands everything and a bit more, you call doktor audio to co-mix it.

client = UNIQA

agent = springer & jacoby austria

director = joshua neale

courtesy of innenhofstudios.at

doktor audio loves dok.leipzig

Robin's Hood wins special prize "Gedanken-Aufschluss-Preis" at dok.leipzig documentary film festival 2020 

shouts to the fierce team

Jasmin Baumgartner

Anna Hawliczek

Matthias Writze

Dominic Spitaler